Engagement themes this year

Our goal is to protect shareholder value while advocating for companies’ accountability to all stakeholders. We believe the most effective way to achieve that goal is by exercising our rights as shareholders using three powerful tools: corporate dialogue, proxy voting, and shareholder proposals. These tools comprise our active ownership program, sometimes also referred to as corporate engagement.

Human Rights

We firmly believe there is an onus on businesses to integrate respect for human rights into their operations. Our discussions this year will be focused on two main areas: human rights in the supply chain, and digital rights. Companies in focus include Alphabet, Apple, and Meta Platforms.


Inequality takes on different dimensions as it cuts across sectors in various ways. Over the years this systemic issue has required us to use the full suite of tools available to us as responsible investors. This year we will emphasize four core issues: human capital; diversity, equity and inclusion; equitable compensation; and equitable access. Companies in focus include AbbVie, Johnson & Johnson, and JPMorgan Chase.

Net-Zero Alignment

Last year was, to say the least, a tumultuous one for the energy transition, with war, precedent-setting climate legislation, and extreme weather events. Our core topics are net-zero commitments and transition plans, reducing methane emissions, circularity, and mitigating supply chain impacts. Companies in focus include AltaGas, Canadian Natural Resources, and NextEra Energy.


Our society has done a poor job acknowledging the value of natural capital, and of managing it. Over the past few years NEI has placed greater focus on nature and biodiversity in our approach to active ownership, so that we can have a positive influence on this growing area of concern. Our core topics for 2023 are impact and dependency assessment, and deforestation. Companies in focus include Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Canadian Tire, and Taiwan Semiconductor.

Focus List 2023

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