An electric car is plugged into a charging station.

The goal

The goal of our climate strategy is to drive real-world reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions. Achieving that goal requires action on many fronts, beginning with alignment to net zero and running through our active ownership program, our policy and standards work, our commitment to transparency and reporting, and more. All of that work is guided by three principles: innovation, transparency, and accountability.

An electric car is plugged into a charging station.
Icebergs breaking apart on the ocean.

What is net zero?

Net zero refers to a state in which the greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere are balanced by their removal from the atmosphere. The current thinking is that if we can achieve net-zero emissions, we will have reined in global warming enough for the planet to survive the worst effects of climate change. To get there, public and private actors all over the world must undertake massive, strategic commitments and invest trillions of dollars.

Icebergs breaking apart on the ocean.
Tall trees rising up to the sky.

Our six-pillar foundation

  1. Net-zero alignment
  2. Active ownership
  3. Climate-focused investment solutions
  4. Policies, standards, and collaborations
  5. Transparency and reporting
  6. Internal alignment

For all the detail behind these pillars and the commitments associated with each of them, read NEI Climate Strategy: Commitment - Download PDF

Tall trees rising up to the sky.

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