NEI Select RS Portfolios

Simple decision, all-in-one solution

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NEI Select RS Portfolios are high quality "fund of funds" solutions available in different risk profiles, designed to maximize opportunities and mitigate the risk of today's fast changing global markets.

NEI Select RS Portfolios include the predominant approach of "Responsible Screens" (RS), which automatically exclude investments in companies that derive a material portion of their revenue from tobacco, weapons, nuclear power, gambling and pornography.

How NEI Select RS Portfolios manage for today and grow for tomorrow

Active asset allocation

NEI Select RS Portfolios incorporate time-tested strategic asset allocation with real-time tactical adjustments, delivering the right balance of risk and returns to meet investors' financial goals.

Enhanced diversification

NEI Select RS Portfolios are designed to provide instant diversification across a number of dimensions:


NEI Select RS Portfolios provide access to Investment Managers that are experts in their respective asset classes.

Responsible investing underpinning

NEI Select RS Portfolios leverage the principles of responsible investing as a value-add and risk management tool and include:


Flexible, all-in-one solutions aligned with the needs, goals and values of today's investor.