NEI Select Portfolios

Socially Responsible and Conventional Investment Options

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NEI Select Portfolios are built on the principles of sophistication and choice. Each portfolio is carefully constructed using a sophisticated "fund of funds" approach designed to provide investors the choice of conventional and socially responsible mutual funds from seasoned independent forward-thinking managers in the industry.

Each fund is rigorously selected and allocated to the portfolios in a diversified one-stop solution that is easy to monitor and track.

NEI Select Portfolios Investment Approach

Investors can invest with confidence knowing that the managers of the NEI Select Portfolios are selected for their commitment to active management, investment discipline, independent thinking and focus to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.

Optimized asset allocation to better manage risk

Each NEI Select Portfolio is built from a mix of equities and fixed income investments that carefully manage growth potential for a given level of risk. Asset class weightings are considered against the backdrop of market conditions, performance expectations, and financial events — ensuring each portfolio is strategically and tactically aligned with investor goals and risk tolerance.

Enhanced diversification

The NEI Select Portfolios can access up to nine distinct asset classes for each portfolio, providing diversification by geography, sector, market capitalization and investment style. Over the long term a well-diversified portfolio can help deliver superior risk-adjusted returns and minimize potential market volatility.

Frequent oversight and monitoring

The NEI Select Portfolios are outfitted with oversight measures that include daily automatic rebalancing to preserve the fund mix against market fluctuations. Oversight also includes a dedicated NEI investment management team that reviews each portfolio's performance to ensure it is optimal for today's market realities.