Calculators & Tools

To make smart investing decisions and reach your goals, you need the right tools to help you get started. NEI's investment calculators will help you understand your investment options and develop a financial plan that is right for you.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Calculator
See if your savings will meet your income needs in retirement.

Capital Required for Income
Find out how much you need to save to generate a specific annual income stream.

Income Stream Comparison
This calculator lets you compare two investment scenarios to see how long your savings will last.

Advantage of Starting Early
See how investing early to take advantage of compounding can have a big impact on your RRSP.

RRSP Tax Savings
Calculate the tax savings generated by your RRSP contributions.

RRIF Payment
Calculate your RRIF payment and see how they change over time.

LIF Payment
Calculate your LIF payment and see how they change over time.

TFSA versus RRSP
Weigh the benefits of investing in a TFSA versus an RRSP.

Investment & Savings

Pay Yourself First
See how setting aside a percentage of your income can add up over time.

Savings to Reach a Goal
Have a savings goal in mind? See how long it will take to achieve your goal if you start today.

Savings Growth
Compare two investment scenarios to see how time horizon, rate of return and investment frequency impact growth.

The Value of Staying Invested
See how missing the best months in the market can significantly impact the growth of your investments.

Time to Recover
See how long it would take for your portfolio to recover from market downturns.

Distribution of Returns
See how your investment timeframe impacts the likelihood of achieving your target rate of return.

Financial Planning

Cash Flow Calculator
Use this calculator to track your household income and expenses.

Net Worth Calculator
Calculate your net worth by comparing your assets to your liabilities.