Consumer Sector

Engaging For Success

Since 2014 we have been urging Coca-Cola to address changing consumer preferences and reduced demand for soda beverages, initiating and leading collaborative dialogue on this sensitive issue. In 2017 the new CEO announced strategy changes including more attention for nutrition and sugar concerns, product innovation and maintaining social license — topics that have been the focus of dialogue.

Strategic Sector Goals

With respect to the consumer sector, we are engaging with companies to try to achieve specific sector goals, including:

  • Addressing environmental and social risks in the supply chain, as well as in the company's own operations.

  • Ensuring the protection of the rights of workers and addressing labour rights abuses

In addition to these sector specific goals, the NEI ESG team's broader engagement goals and themes are applied to all companies in all sectors. You can find out more about the ESG team process and their guiding principles in the NEI ESG Process section.

Corporate Engagement

We are pursuing dialogues with a number of companies in the consumer sector, including:

  • Aritzia

  • Amazon

  • Canadian Tire

  • Coca-Cola

  • Lassonde

  • Leon's

  • Loblaw

  • Metro

  • Pepsi

  • Restaurant Brands

  • Target