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Maj Invest Asset Management Fondsmæglerselskab A/S

Head office:
Copenhagen, Denmark
Assets Managed:
$21.0 Billion (2021-09-30)

Company Profile

Maj Invest is one of Denmark's leading asset management companies with prominent pension and life insurance clients managing assets for primarily institutional clients. The Maj Invest group was established in 2005 and is today owned by management and employees with over 50 institutional clients. As a strongly value-oriented investment company and $13.4 billion assets under management, they adopt a different value-oriented investment approach to properly scan the market for key investment opportunities. Maj Invest is a signatory of the United Nations' Principles for Responsible Investment.

Investment Approach

Maj Invest utilizes a fundamental bottom-up investment process that is combined with a strong proprietary risk approach to avoid unintentional macro biases and a focus on consistent alpha generation. They understand that finding good quality businesses while exploiting market inefficiencies is required to generate alpha for their clients. Maj Invest's three step investment process first requires the identification of portfolio candidates using a quantitative screener, inputs from internal sector teams and general news flow. Next, they select portfolio stocks based on valuation, company and macro risk analysis. The final construction of the portfolio involves weighting of stocks based on the risk-return potential in view of company. Maj Invest considers Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in the investment and decision-making process.

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Funds Managed icon Funds Managed

NEI Global Value Fund

Global Equity

Lead Managers:
Kurt Kara
Ulrik Jensen

Inception Date Morningstar Profile
2016-10-12 A
2016-10-18 F
2017-02-21 P
2016-10-28 PF

Lead Manager icon Lead Managers

Kurt Kara

Kurt Kara

Head of Global Value Equities

Kurt Kara is the lead manager with 17 years of financial market experience. Kurt joined Maj Invest in 2005, and his responsibility has been the management of the Maj Invest Global Value Equities fund since its inception. Prior to joining Maj Invest, Kurt was the Equity Strategist at Danske Bank. Previously he worked at Danske Capital as portfolio manager for the Danske Invest Latin American Equities Fund. Kurt holds a MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen. Kurt has a substantial amount of his net worth invested in Maj Invest.

Ulrik Jensen

Ulrik Jensen

Senior Portfolio Manager

Ulrik Jensen has been a portfolio manager at Maj Invest since 2005 with co-responsibility for managing the Maj Invest Global Value Equities. The previous 4 years Ulrik worked as an Analyst and Portfolio Manager for Sparbank with responsibility for managing the bank's treasury holdings. Ulrik holds a MSc in Business Economics, and like Kurt he has also invested significant amounts of his net worth in Maj Invest.