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Guardian Capital

Head office:
Toronto, ON
Assets Managed:
$50.3 Billion (2021-09-30)

Company Profile

Guardian Capital LP was founded in 1962 and is one of Canada's oldest established, independent investment counseling firms. Its mission is to deliver superior risk-adjusted and value-added results through a disciplined and fundamental investment approach.

Investment Approach

Our philosophy in managing fixed income portfolios is based on two fundamental beliefs: a) all decisions and strategies are based on the preservation of capital, b) The opportunities and risks within bond markets, rewards an active management approach.

In an effort to protect our clients' capital, Guardian focuses its research and the resulting portfolio on high quality issuers. The assessment of quality is based on internal credit analysis and a qualitative judgment based on their outlook. In addition to their emphasis on high quality, they approach the research process with a conservative mindset. This conservatism has meant that they do not rely solely on the credit rating agencies. While they review their opinions, they believe that it is important to complete first hand research of the security covenants, company fundamentals, industry forces and legislation, that might affect the holdings in the portfolio.

Guardian believes market volatility allows for an active approach to bond management that can add value to portfolio results over the long run, while helping to reduce risks in the portfolio. Their philosophy towards active management is based on three principles: an approach that considers both capital gains and income in decision making, gradualism and the incremental capturing of gains.

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NEI Canadian Bond Fund

Canadian Fixed Income

Lead Managers:
Peter Hargrove, CFA

Inception Date Morningstar Profile
1967-04-01 A
2006-07-25 F
2018-12-03 P
2018-12-03 PF

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Peter Hargrove

Peter Hargrove, CFA

Managing Director - Head of Fixed Income

Peter joined Guardian Capital LP in 1995 and is the Head of Fixed Income, leading the team that manages a diverse range of fixed income strategies. Peter is also the primary portfolio manager on our flagship Core Fixed Income strategy. Prior to joining Guardian Capital, Peter spent a decade in a similar leadership role in the fixed income group of MT Associates Investment Counsel. He began his career in the investment department of Sun Life and later the City of Calgary where he progressively moved from bond trading to portfolio management duties. Peter graduated with a BComm. (Accounting) from Concordia University in 1975 and is a CFA Charterholder.