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On October 26, 2018, Northwest and Ethical Investments L.P. ("NEI") assumed management responsibilities for the OceanRock and Meritas Funds from OceanRock Investments Inc. This change is part of a number of changes related to the founding of Aviso Wealth and is intended to provide Fund unitholders and advisors with a strong, innovative and highly competitive asset management platform to help meet the evolving wealth management needs of Canadian investors.

This integration between NEI Investments and OceanRock creates a strong asset manager with approximately $8B in assets under management* and provides investors with access to Canada's clear Responsible Investment (RI) leader — all under the NEI Investments name.

Highlights for new NEI Investors

Investors who previously held OceanRock and Meritas Funds may be unfamiliar with the NEI Investments website. Here are some key areas that investors new to NEI will find helpful.

About NEI Investments — NEI Investments has long been committed to making excellent investment management expertise available to Canadian Investors. Canada's leading provider of Responsible Investment (RI) solutions, NEI has been home to Canada's largest in-house team of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysts for more than 25 years.

Prices & Performance — Investors looking for information on all NEI Investments Mutual Funds can find prices, historical performance and portfolio details in our Prices and Performance section.

Responsible Investing — NEI Investments has a long track record of engagement and thought leadership in many areas of responsible investing. Find out more about the NEI Process and how we make a difference.

Contact Us — Looking for information about your fund holdings? Contact our Customer Service Team by phone or email. If you're looking for NEI forms and applications, you can find them all on our Forms & Applications page.

Access your accounts online — InvestorTrax is our tool for investors to view their account information securely online. To register, visit the InvestorTrax website and go to "How to register".

Where can I find regulatory documents on my former OceanRock and Meritas Funds?

Regulatory documents for former OceanRock and Meritas Funds that are now NEI funds, including Fund Facts, MRFPs, Fund Holdings, Prospectus and other documents can be found on the NEI Reports page.

Where can I find details of the fund mergers and name changes that took place October 26th 2018?

The details of the fund events are provided in the Press Release issued on September 4, 2018.

Should you have any questions about NEI Investments' mutual funds and portfolios and their suitability for your portfolio, please speak with your Financial Advisor.

*AUM as at September 30 2018