Conviction Defies Convention

NEI Global Value Fund

It takes more than skill to power the long-term success of a winning investment solution. It takes conviction.

Benefit from the return potential of an actively managed, high-conviction fund with a proven track record

Strengthen your core equity allocation with a well-differentiated selection of hand-picked value stocks

Partner with an investment manager focused on long-term fundamentals, capable of seizing opportunities created by short-term inefficiencies

"Growth" versus "value"

The two most well-known "styles" when it comes to stock investing are growth and value. Growth investors look for companies with a recent history — and an expected future — of rising profits. Value investors target companies that have fallen out of favour with the broad market, with stock prices that are lower than what the investor thinks they should be. One style will outperform the other depending on economic conditions, and so incorporating both can help smooth out long-term returns in a well diversified portfolio.

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