Expanding the sphere of Fixed Income

NEI Global Total Return Bond Fund

As interest rates continue to rise in North America, investors should consider expanding their sphere of fixed income into a truly diversified approach like that of the NEI Global Total Return Bond Fund.

Manage the rising rate environment through a multifaceted fixed income approach designed to provide a high level of current income with the potential capital gains

Extend your fixed income reach into a broader set of investment opportunities that Europe's largest asset manager, Amundi is in sync with

Adopt a flexible, unconstrained approach that allows active management to get the most out of a rapidly changing fixed income market

Take advantage of enhanced fixed income diversification while having exposure to primarily investment grade securities

What is a "total return" bond fund?

A total return bond fund is designed to generate returns for investors from two key sources: interest income produced by the bond investments held in the fund, and capital appreciation. They tend to put more emphasis on the growth potential of the bond holdings than bond funds that prioritize income generation. Total return bond funds are typically well diversified and actively managed, with the ability to navigate various economic and market conditions according to the manager's views.

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