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NEI Environmental Leaders Fund

570 million gallons of water saved & treated

280 tonnes of carbon dioxide avoided

1,430 MWh of renewable energy generated

1,630 tons of materials recovered & treated

For every $10M invested in NEI Environmental Leaders Fund, the positive environmental impact is not only quantifiable, it's massive1. With Canadians having already invested over $100M in this fossil fuel free fund2, the numbers are even bigger.

Now consider the difference NEI Environmental Leaders Fund can make for you. The companies held in NEI Environmental Leaders Fund are innovative leaders in the areas of renewable energy, waste management, water infrastructure and food packaging — all catalysts for future growth. As leaders in these sectors, these companies offer more than a positive environmental impact — they offer you the potential to make money, while making a difference.

5 Globe Morningstar Sustainability Rating3. Performance as of October 31, 2017, Series F4


NEI Environmental Leaders Fund

YTD 1 Year SI
NEI Environmental Leaders Fund 18.74% 21.80% 15.05%

Why consider the NEI Environmental Leaders Fund?

As Resources Run Out, Opportunities Run In.

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