Transformative to the core

NEI Environmental Leaders Fund

Tied to the megatrend of resource optimization, NEI Environmental Leaders Fund is no niche investment. In fact, it should be considered as a core global equity investment for every healthy portfolio.

Addresses the core issues of our times, such as growing populations and finite resources

Invests in forward looking markets that can become the core part of a growth portfolio

Stays clear of what's in the core of the planet (currently Fossil Fuel Free as of September 30, 2019)

Includes impact investing as a measurable core element of the portfolio

Aligns with core values of Canadians concerned about sustainability and the environment

Learn about the 4 core markets of this solution

water infrastructure

energy efficiency

waste recovery

sustainable food

To learn more, check out these core resources:

Consider making the NEI Environmental Leaders Fund a core part of your portfolio today!