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NEI Conservative Yield Portfolio

Whether you are planning for your retirement or personal financial goals, talk to your advisor to help you accelerate your savings and choose the right RRSP investments to reach your goals sooner.

Invest with low cost & less risk

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Focus on your savings

Consider a low risk, low cost portfolio that is designed to generate more income than other traditionally "safe" investments like GICs.

Low risk

A low risk and low fee investment that is monitored and actively managed by our in-house Portfolio Managers.

Longevity has its perks

Talk to your advisor about the potential benefit of having wealth preservation strategies that are designed to pay a consistent monthly income to fund a longer retirement.

Helping you grow with your investments

NEI Conservative Yield Portfolio Performance: December 31, 2019 (F Series)1

NEI Conservative Yield Portfolio

1 YR Since Inception
NEI Conservative Yield Portfolio 10.90% 5.52%

Past performance is not indicative of future results.