Energy Sector

Engaging For Success

Fossil-fuel energy companies should disclose to investors how they are preparing for the transition to a low-carbon economy. Responding to engagement, in 2017 Suncor published its first low-carbon resiliency report, which it had agreed to do in supporting our 2016 shareholder proposal. Cenovus also committed to publish a resiliency report. In response to collaborative engagement with U.S. colleagues, Chevron took steps towards carbon resiliency reporting, while Exxon made commitments on methane emissions reductions and publicly supported a price on carbon.

Strategic Sector Goals

With respect to the energy sector, we are engaging with companies to try to achieve specific sector goals, including:

  • Position for the energy transition, focus on innovation. Play a progressive role to support effective environmental regulation while going beyond compliance in performance.

  • Respect human rights and have a positive relationship with indigenous communities by following the principle of free, prior and informed consent.

In addition to these sector specific goals, the NEI ESG team's broader engagement goals and themes are applied to all companies in all sectors. You can find out more about the ESG team process and their guiding principles in the NEI ESG Process section.

Corporate Engagement

We are pursuing dialogues with a number of companies in the energy sector, including:

  • Canadian Natural Resources

  • Cenovus

  • Chevron

  • Enbridge

  • Exxon

  • Occidental

  • Suncor