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In recent years, demand for global mandates among domestic investors has accelerated amid strong capital

market returns beyond our borders. The marketplace has become flooded with products, resulting in a

selection of homogenous solutions that lack distinction.

Investors seeking value-focused, high conviction investments, created an ideal opportunity for NEI to

deliver a new solution in the global value space. The NEI Global Value Fund is a differentiated global equity

investment solution that leverages NEI’s independent business model and robust manager due diligence

process to deliver a competitive mandate to Canadian retail investors for the first time outside of Europe.

With an understanding of the care and due diligence that goes into selecting the world’s finest investment

managers, let’s take a look at NEI manager selection process in action. The story of searching for NEI’s

latest manager, Maj Invest starts in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Scouring the world to find superior portfolio management