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Aiming for better returns with less risk

Northwest Funds believes that effective investment risk management is a direct result of the investment managers and their approach. In efforts to achieve long-term investment success, our strategy involves minimizing the effects of down markets and managing risk.

Aiming for better returns with less risk

1. A different type of manager:

We only hire pension or pension-style portfolio managers who are also active managers. This ensures our managers are seasoned experts in wealth preservation, as well as independent forward-thinkers who have the conviction to follow their own research and build their portfolios away from competitors and benchmarks.

2. A different approach to managing:

It’s the confidence we have in our managers that allows us to create funds that take advantage of their active mindset. Our funds have mandates that enable active managers to make necessary decisions within a fast-paced investment world, whether to capitalize on growth opportunities or to shelter from volatility.

This investment strategy is designed to deliver more consistent returns through volatile markets and superior performance over the long term.

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1 Based on the retail mutual funds market share as per Canadian Socially Responsible Investment Review 2010 (Appendix C). Also see link to Comparison Canadian SRI Companies.