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NEI's research into corporate environmental, social and governance issues supports and enhances the ESG Services Team’s company evaluations, corporate engagement and policy work. We share this research to advance understanding of responsible investing among companies, investors and other stakeholders and to help build collaborative efforts.

The ESG Services Team occasionally releases benchmark studies of corporate performance across sectors. NEI also organizes Round Tables – expert meetings to raise the level of debate and develop positions on emerging issues. 

Recent reports

Getting Real About the Energy Transition
June 2014

Aboriginal Issues Update
June 2013

Executive Compensation Report
May 2013

Crisis, What Crisis? Executive Compensation in the 21st Century
October 2012

Oil Sands Update: Getting the Framework Right
September 2011​

Oil Sands Update: Reducing Investor Risk Through Engagement
October 2010​

Lines in the Sands: Oil Sands Sector Benchmarking
November 2009​

Taking Action on Executive Compensation: An Overview
July 2009​

Unconventional Risks: An Investor Response to Canada’s Oil Sands
October 2008​

Credit Risk, Biodiversity, and Climate Change: Canada’s Banks and the Fight Against Global Warming
March 2008​

Winning the Social License to Operate: Resource Extraction with Free, Prior and Informed Community Consent
February 2008​

One Is Too Many: Considering Nuclear in a Time of Climate Change
January 2007​

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1 Based on the retail mutual funds market share as per Canadian Socially Responsible Investment Review 2010 (Appendix C). Also see link to Comparison Canadian SRI Companies.