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About NEI Select Portfolios

NEI Select Portfolios provide individual investors with fully diversified, all-in-one investment solutions, tailored to their unique needs.

NEI Select Portfolios are built using a highly sophisticated “fund of funds” approach that invests both in conventional and socially responsible mutual funds from some of the best investment managers in the industry.

NEI Select Portfolios Investment Approach

Access to top investment managers

Investors can invest with confidence knowing that the managers of the NEI Select Portfolios are selected for their commitment to performance, risk management, track record, consistency and strategic focus. 

Optimized asset allocation

Each NEI Select Portfolio is built from a different mix of equities and fixed income investments to balance volatility and growth potential. Investors simply choose the Portfolio that is strategically and tactically engineered to align with their goals and risk tolerance.

Enhanced diversification

NEI Select Portfolios are fully diversified to help reduce market volatility and achieve consistent growth over the long term across different geographic regions and market sectors. A well-diversified portfolio can help deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over time.

Automatic rebalancing

Each portfolio is automatically rebalanced to keep the asset mix properly aligned with the investor’s long-term goals in changing markets.  

NEI Select Portfolio Products

Unique in Canada, NEI Select Portfolios offer both socially responsible and conventional investment options.



The NEI Select Portfolios Commitment

Our commitment is to provide investors with consistent long-term performance in a fully managed portfolio that includes asset allocation, diversification and automatic rebalancing. ​

GETTING STARTED IS EASY. We help you deliver a personalized experience for your clients with resources like our investment profile questionnaire, customized investment policy statement, semi-annual statement and client brochure. ​

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1 Based on the retail mutual funds market share as per Canadian Socially Responsible Investment Review 2010 (Appendix C). Also see link to Comparison Canadian SRI Companies.